Warehouse Marking Services

  Make your facility safer and more efficient. Use wayfinding and floor and symbol marking to make people aware of important workplace boundaries. Using strategical floor marking makes it easier for people to get around safely and communicates important information to people at the exact location where they need it. Reducing costly accidents while improving efficiency.

Traffic Routes

  Pedestrian and vehicular pathway markings are the most common uses of industrial line and symbol painting. Forklift collisions are a major cause of workplace injuries. Which is a strong indicator of how important clearly marked traffic routes can be. Successful warehouse floor striping should be easy to understand so everyone can navigate safely without any prior training. Use our industrial line painting service to:

  • Delineate lanes of vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  • Identify intersections & blind spots
  • Highlight safe pathways
  • Identify exits, stairwells, aisles, and emergency equipment

Hazardous Areas

Employers can struggle to fully protect workers from a variety of dangers. Marking clear boundaries that surround hazardous areas with safety messages, hazard stripes, and even providing extra traction with added anti-slip additives can greatly improve safety. You can communicate safe areas and improve navigation by marking:

  • Pathways and boundaries in high-traffic areas around moving machinery and equipment, loading docks, and electrical panels
  • PPE-required work areas that communicates hazards and requirements prior to entry
  • Slippery areas such as washdown stations, stairs, and handrails

Machinery & Equipment

Ensure that workers can quickly and easily find what they need. Using line, area and symbol marking to color-code tools and work areas will instantly communicate where materials, first aid stations and equipment are stored. Our warehouse floor painting can:

  • Color-code cabinets, tool boards, first aid stations and more to communicate proper storage locations in various departments and work areas
  • Identify parking locations for equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks, carts, etc.
  • Mark areas and use symbols to identify moving machinery to safely guide personnel away from hazards.

Product & Material Storage

  Warehouse floor markings help to reduce confusion and improve efficiency by clearly marking product and material storage areas. Use color-coding to implement 5S and other strategies to create or redesign a facility floor plan. Communicating where materials belong and improving overall organization. Use our industrial line, area and symbol marking to to define:

  • Temporary and long-term storage areas
  • Raw material storage and inventory
  • Separate hazardous materials
  • Pallet staging areas in your warehouse


Warehouse Floor Striping doesn’t just improve safety. It makes a facility more efficient. By creating a visual workplace you create an environment that workers and visitors can easily understand how an area operates and what dangers they may encounter.

  Precision Line Painting’s use of painted lines and and symbols is a safer solution than using tape and will not lift even under high traffic and heavy abrasion. If you ever need to change or redesign an area, we also offer line and symbol eradication services that can restore your floor to an unmarked condition.

  Whatever your warehouse line marking, parking lot line painting, road way striping or sport court painting, needs require you can count on Precision Line Painting to exceed your expectations.

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